Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I haven't posted in a year, almost!

Here are my Christmas lights. Hopefully I can get back into this blog thing again.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Win some chocolate!

Comment on this post and be entered to win a box of chocolates for your sweetie. Contest ends February 7, 2011.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

'Cause who doesn't want free stuff?

Cool contest for World Cup soccer fans...

SoccerPro just launched a "Jerseys for Life" Sweepstakes. It's part of their World Cup celebration. (Damn, I wish I could afford to go, by the way.)


You also get a $10 coupon for entering.

I believe you can enter through Facebook, too, which is where I've been mostly hanging out lately and one of the reasons I haven't been blogging much lately. Among the other life changes I've been through in 2009. More on that, later. I'm sure all 4 of my readers are dying to know!

Anyway, go enter the sweepstakes. People do actually win stuff. I won an iPod Touch a few weeks ago by filling out a little card in the drug store. So who knows? Good luck!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Cool Shirt for a Good Cause!

I've blogged about the Homeless World Cup before but it's been quite a while. My friends at Soccer Pro sent me an email reminding me about this year's event, which unfortunately I just now found. Anyway until September 30, Soccer Pro is selling a cool HWC shirt and donating the proceeds. So go buy one!

In addition, Soccer Pro is offering a $1,000 college scholarship to a college student actively involved in soccer. The application deadline is October 30, 2009 and can be found here. Good luck!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Excuse

So...another month I skipped posting. See, um, my mom passed away unexpectedly at the end of July. And it's just weird. It's like it's weird even to mention it to people, and when you don't, they think you are heartless or something. I'm not very good at this.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I Can No Longer Deny It.

So...driving around today in the middle of the 90-degree-plus heat in the middle of North Carolina ('cause I am currently semi-unemployed) in the BF's borrowed Chevy with the NASCAR stickers on the window, I put the beer (Miller Lite) and the carton of Native-American-Brand-So-You-Don't-Have-To-Pay-Taxes cigs I had just bought for him, in the trunk. (The lottery ticket went in my jeans-skirt back pocket.) I got in and noticed the popsicle stick handmade Jesus cross and the tree air freshener hanging from the rear view, along with the cup of used butts in the cup holder.
When I got home and opened the trunk, the box of cigs had slid up next to the Bible that's always in there, and the beer was all the way back by the old Dale Earnhardt #3 cap.


I guess I can't claim to not be a redneck now, can I?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Review: Nike Air Legend II FG

So, the LDSM family needed some new soccer cleats (don't we always?) And the people at SoccerPro.com were kind enough to send me a gift certificate, so that I could check out their products. What I ended up ordering were these Nike soccer shoes. They were a great price, easy to order, and best of all, there was FREE UPS shipping. I had no problems with payment, and when I did have a rough spot entering the gift certificate, customer service got back to me almost immediately by email to solve the problem (which turned out to be user error on my end.)

To the left is a shot (thanks, wjarrettc) of my kid wearing the cleats last weekend during a PDL game. He's very happy with them, which thrills me, because he used to be Mr. "I-need-the-most-expensive-boots-money-can-buy" boy, the more brightly colored the better. Seeing him wear a classic black shoe is kind of nice. The Nike Air Legend II FG's are a sharp-looking all-black boot, and he says they fit well. They're made of kangaroo leather and seem to be holding up to near-daily training sessions and games. So far so good. If we need cleats in the future (and I'm sure we will), I'll be sure to check out SoccerPro.com because I appreciated their fast shipping and good customer service.

(So, to be clear, I did receive something for writing this post, but I like the shoes, my son does as well, and I'm happy with the company I ordered them from, and would do so again.)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

OMG I need one of these shirts

And you do, too! How did I not think of this first? :) Or maybe that should be :( .
Anyway, they are here. Buy one.

(Update 5/30/09: I got mine in the mail, even though they sent me a gray one. I'm wearing it out to do errands today; I'll let you know if I get any comments...)