Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Hear Ya, Sister!

White Trash Mom wrote a great post yesterday about the "Twisted Teenage Years." In it she touches upon something I've noticed a lot lately here in our own community: Good kids suddenly going bad.

She writes:

OK, I know that I have easy kids, as kids go. I really do. But I look around, and everywhere I turn, there's bad news. The straight A student who lost it all by getting hooked on meth. The cheerleader who got knocked up and ruined her chances of a scholarship to college in the fall (I know, that's an old story, but it's still going on...). The kid who's been on the straight and narrow all through school who suddenly finds that to be humdrum and boring. So, he started ripping off local convenience stores (I'm not kidding...) - just to see if he could get away with it. He couldn't. He got caught.

Everywhere I turn, there are what appeared to be great kids who have mysteriously gone bad. And I guess, I'm just left wondering:

"What will make us immune to this? How will our children avoid going down the wrong path?"

I've wondered a lot about this myself, recently, ever since I saw a police blotter article mentioning a girl my son had gone to elementary school with. Her parents are doctors (well I know at least one of them is...) and she was always just the cutest, sweetest little girl. Lately she's been in the paper twice: for DUI and for possession of a large amount of cocaine. Yikes!

Read the rest of the post here.

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