Sunday, March 16, 2008

What I Got For My Birthday This Week.

A call from my mom. A card from my Nana (I'm too old for her to put a check inside anymore, darn it!) A call from my five-year-old nephew who didn't want to talk to me because I am "mean." A coupon for a free drink at Sonic. A card from my sister with a silly picture on it. A call from my oldest at college, who probably saw that it was my birthday when he logged on to Facebook that day :) A card from someone who used to be my neighbor when I was in elementary school. Hugs from my two youngest. Some cat throw-up in my favorite chair. An e-card from one of my son's old soccer coaches. Lots of spammy Happy Birthday emails from various companies. A new driver' license with a better looking photo than the old one. A coupon for a free Red Robin hamburger which I can't eat because I'm doing NutriSystem. A call from a very good friend. A fight with my husband. A new zit on my chin! And some flowers from my boss.


Dwayne said...

WOW, You are popular. All those things for your birthday. Usually I do not see anyone the week before or the week after except my seven year old. She never forgets her daddy. Nice to see a blogger here in the Carolina's.

Ash said...

Don't you just love when the new drivers license pic is better than the last? That is the best! LOL
Sounds like you are very loved! Cute post!