Monday, April 28, 2008

How I Spent My Saturday

I took my daughter and her friends to see Panic at the Disco in Atlanta this weekend. I am much too old for this stuff! But here are some pictures I took, once it stopped raining. The first is of the Honda Civic they are giving away, and what I assume is their tour bus. My daughter would love me forever if I won this car. She thinks I would give it to her. Ha :)

The second is of me and a guy from the band Phantom Planet. The sing that "California" song from the O.C. show, and some other stuff that I had never heard before. (I didn't actually take this picture, since I'm in it, duh. ) Anyway he was very sweet (and cute) and is probably young enough to be my son. He was probably horrified that he had to stand there and have his picture taken with someone's mommy. I apologized to him for that.

The picture is so dark because we (the adults) were in a bar (no, really) at the venue, and not outside in the rain watching some other band we'd never heard of before.

This last one is an actual picture of Panic at the Disco, and it is fuzzy because (a) I was being elbowed by the teenage girls around me that were angry that I had pushed in front of them a little bit to take the photo, (b) I'm not very good at using a camera phone, and (c) Miller Lite was present in large quantities.

We had fun, though. And we got to eat at the Varsity afterward, which was a first for everyone in our group. Their onion rings are very yummy.

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