Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's Sheffield Wednesday!

Jarrett over at Triangle Soccer Fanatics (see my blogroll) had some nice photos from the Sheffield Wednesday vs USL All-Stars game on July 19 at SAS published in the Sheffield Wednesday Official Matchday Programme. This is one of them, and his name is Deon Burton. I remember seeing him at the match, and he was even hotter in person.

This is a match at which I volunteered to work and subsequently got hit in the head with a stray ball, which my children got to see on FSN, much to their great amusement. Of course it was DVR-ed, so they would watch it over and over.


Jarrett said...

You need to YouTube the video so we can all enjoy it.

Soccer Dad said...

Oh yes, by all means.

We promise not to link to it - really, we do.


Lisa said...

I think I might have erased it, darn.