Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What's up with my ads?

OK, why are my Google ads not running again? I don't have any prohibited content (that I can tell.) I have text. I have content. Why are they running PSA's? Is it because of the "Katrina anniversary"? Haven't we all heard almost enough about that?

I wonder if it's the YouTube videos making the ads disappear. Anyone had any experience with that?

Mr. Google! Put my ads back, please! (It's not like anyone actually ever clicks on them, so you're safe there!)
Update 11am: Thank you, Mr. Google. I missed my ads!
Update 10 pm: Never mind, they're gone again. Google is so flaky.

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Soccer Dad said...

You'll get PSA's on new pages for a while until they get viewed a few times. It takes a little while for Google to scan new posts and select ad sets for them. So you'll oftne find PSAs on new posts and ads on old posts. But even on the main page, depending on your traffic, you might get PSAs on days you post a lot of new content - again until Google rescans and generates a new keyword list.

I had the same thing happen at On The Pitch - still does for new posts. I have noticed now that I've run them for almost a year that the PSAs show up for a lot less time and once in a while I'll get ads for new content right away.