Thursday, November 16, 2006

End of the Journey

From the NC Soccer forum, a touching essay about one parent's last few weeks as a classic soccer parent:

My youngest kid's classic soccer career is now down to fewer team practices than the fingers of one hand, and her last three classic club games ever in the upcoming Shootout - she's U18 and this is the end of the ride. The practices haven't impacted me much the last couple of years, ever since she got her license and began driving herself, so I long ago got past the mixed feelings of immense relief from the burden of being her regular soccer practice chauffeur and regret from missing the camraderie with other parents of observing the practices and chatting each other up. I'll love having control of my soccer-season weekends back for e.g. beach trips instead, but I'll miss terribly the games and tournament weekends, at least for awhile.

He goes on to conclude:

Enjoy the ride those of you with younger classic players - IT'S THE JOURNEY THAT'S THE THING, NOT THE DESTINATION. All too soon that day will arrive for you and your kid too that it's over, finis. Relax and enjoy the ride and the people you ride along with while it lasts, you and your kid.

Read the whole post here.

I'll be there soon enough with the oldest, but the youngest is only a U-13, so we have a while yet.

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