Monday, November 06, 2006

Welcome to the Club, Sister!

From the blog What on Earth is That Smell, the birth of yet another new soccer mommy:

When I married Brian, I seriously had no idea what I was getting into. Brian's family, as has been before noted, is SPORTS ORIENTED. For someone who spent her life staying home with her nose in a book, making lists, singing in musicals, playing the piano, reading encyclopedias and generally being a geek, this was a major shock.

Most of the shock has to do with attending my children's sporting activities. If Brian can help it, his children are going to play on sports teams, and therefore, as their mother, I find myself in the oddest of situations: Taking off my pajamas on a SATURDAY MORNING BEFORE 9 AM, putting on warm clothes, and sitting on the sidelines of a soccer field in freakin' November, with the wind and rain pelting me and the other parents. Screaming things like, "Quit shoving!" and "Ref, are you an idiot? She totally chicken-winged our player!" and "Come on, Green! See that round white thing rolling down the field? GET NEXT TO IT!"

I'm sorry - what? Marian the Librarian is now a Soccer Mom?

Here's how her kid's game went:

It was one of those the-ref-was-blind-to-everything-they-did-and-made-up-stuff-against-our-team games, and had I acted on the things I felt yesterday, I would've gotten Bri and his assistant coach the dreaded RED CARD. This team played dirty. Later we heard that their parents were taunting our girls that their coach sucked and they needed a new one. Who does that??

And they say I'm the only one who has a problem with refs :)