Sunday, December 17, 2006

More Google Ad Weirdness.

Okay, so when you have gmail, Google places ads next to the mail that they think are relevant to the subject of the email. Like when I am reading about Gabe Kapler, I often get Red Sox ads. See how it works?

So...why is it that today when I'm reading a Google News Alert in my gmail, and there is an alert for an article about Kasey Keller, that there is an ad, above the ads for World Cup balls and free soccer jerseys, for Playtex Sport Tampons? Is Kasey on Team Playtex with Abby Wambach? Do you think he's like the One-of-a-Kind Backup Layer that Won't Let You Down? And what the heck is up with that green applicator? Ewww.

But while I was at their website, I did send for my free sample. Thanks, Kasey, for the heads up.

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