Friday, June 08, 2007

The Cradle of 'Cue

The North Carolina Barbecue Society (I'm not making that up) came up with a really nifty interactive "Historic Barbecue Trail" map, which can be found here.
I've eaten at #8 (lots of times) and #9, and hope to visit many more of these fine establishments in the future.

One of the funniest dining moments I've had recently was when some friends of ours who are Boston-area natives came to visit, and the husband decided he wanted some real NC 'cue. So we took him to Allen & Son. He ordered up a big old barbecue platter, compete with slaw and hush puppies. His wife is somewhat of a fitness freak, so she ordered a chef salad instead. Which to her horror, came topped with a huge scoop of...chopped pork barbecue. The best salad you can get, I thought.

(photo by Kevin Meredith)


Paula the Surf Mom said...

Nothing better then North Carolina BBQ

Anonymous said...

/me loves some (#9) A&M Grill BBQ. Though I'll guiltily admit that I've developed a love for Smithfield's BBQ as well - has a little more zing to it.