Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm pretty sure (and happy that) I don't know this Karen person.

The Baby-Name Business

Parents are feeling intense pressure to pick names that set their kids apart. Some are even hiring consultants. Alexandra Alter on the art of 'branding' your newborn.

A sample:

"Karen Markovics, 36, who works for the planning department in Orange County, N.C., spent months reading baby books and scouring Web sites before settling on Nicole Josephine. But now, four years later, Mrs. Markovics says she wishes she'd chosen something less trendy -- and has even considered legally changing her daughter's name to Josephine Marie. 'I'm having namer's remorse,' she says."

Um, she works in the WHAT department? Who changes their 4-year old's name because it's too "trendy"?

(PS: Nicole stopped being a trendy name back in the 80's, hon)


Jarrett said...

I had such great success with the RailHawks, maybe I should hire myself out :)

Foolish Mom said...


We call my daughter "Josie" in honor of her deceased Grandmother. Since we call her by her middle name, we considered the legal name change to include Marie to honor her Aunt and paternal Grandmother.

Nicole aka "Nikki" has become too much of a trashy party girl name - yes, those girls born in the 1980's.

~ Foolish Mom