Monday, November 17, 2008

Bands I was forced to listen to last night

We (ED and I) went to Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte last night to see the "Sassyback" tour, and this is who we saw, along with a lot of heavily pierced girls and young Emo men in skinny jeans with hair that looked like this.

  1. Sing It Loud. No fair when guys have prettier hair than most girls do.
  2. Hit the Lights. This is actually the second time I have been "forced" to see them, the first being in Greensboro last summer. The lead singer (Nick) is a cutie and he let ED have a picture taken with him after the show. One of the other band members (Omar) came up to ED also and told her he liked her shirt (she was wearing a HTL one, of course...) which also made her day. I actually recognized one of their songs!
  3. Forever The Sickest Kids. I'm a little ill with this band as they said they would come out after their set and do a meet and greet. ED was very pumped up about this and waited a long time. Finally Jonathan came out and looked like he couldn't wait to get away fast enough, signed a couple of autographs, and bolted ASAP, promising he would come back. He never did. I also knew a few of their songs, too, due to non-stop CD playing on the way to soccer practice and back.
  4. Cobra Starship. I agree with ED--their lead singer, Gabe, is a cutie. Though a bit too fond of the F word in general. I knew all of their songs except for one. And they didn't play this one, too bad! I wanted to see ED and all the little Emo kids do the goofy dance.

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