Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just a Helpful Hint.

When you sell a used cell phone on eBay, erase all the old text messages off of it, first. Otherwise some weirdo like me will buy it and read all 44 of them. And yes, a couple of of them were dirty.

Here are some of the not-dirty ones I erased from the phone while setting it up:

12/02/06 10:38 pm: wish u were here.
12/02 06 2:28 am: where are you?
12/02/06 3:00 am: can i kiss you right now?
11/13/06 5:17 pm: man that was a long day
11/13/06 12:11 am: wow, u mustve left your sense of humor in Seattle. Where r u?
11/12/06 5:56 pm: do you wear disney shorts? way too big for daniel.
11/12/06 5:17 pm: does daniel have any glue or paste?
11/10/06 11:00 am: I hope u r having a good time. Sucks here w/o u :(
3/21/06 3:29 pm: only in the past four months was too ashamed to tell them
3/21/06 2:54 pm: 6, aRe you ok?
3/19/06 7:24 pm: if it makes you fel any better i have never been more depressed and unhappy my entire life

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