Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Review: "Harry Gear"

The folks over at ReviewMe were kind enough to ask me to write a review of a website called Harry Gear. Oh, and they’re paying me to do it too, I must let you know. I don’t have to be nice, even. What I’m trying to say is that this is a “sponsored” post. If stuff like that bothers you, please skip this post. If not, read on!

My kids are all teenagers now so the stuff on Harry Gear is a bit “too young” for them, as it is most other Harry Potter-oriented merchandise. That being said, I found the items on Harry Gear to be very cute and the prices more than reasonable. The flat-rate shipping is a nice touch, and even better, there is free shipping on orders over $25. It looks as if most of the items this site sells are apparel or costume-type items such as hats, scarves, and ties. I thought the "sorting hat" was pretty cool. Harry Gear offers a money-back guarantee so I would feel pretty comfortable ordering something from this site.

Being somewhat nosy, I checked out the “parent” site of Harry Gear, a place called Legendary Toys. They sell much more than Harry Potter stuff. They say “we feature fairy tales, myths, medieval castles, prehistoric times, mythological creatures and monsters, magical animals, and ancient civilizations -- the stuff of legends. Toys, books, puppets, puzzles, games and more in many exciting fantasy themes!” I found a few items there that I would love to order for my four-year old nephew who is really in to fantasy right now.

One thing I did notice is that while Harry Gear has free or fixed-price shipping, Legendary Toys doesn’t (they ship by weight), but their prices are a little lower, so it may be to your benefit to check both sites to see which way your order comes out less.

If you have had any experiences with ordering from Harry Gear (or Legendary Toys), either good or bad, please post them in the comments section! Thanks!

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