Thursday, April 05, 2007

No Longer a Tag Virgin

OK, so Paula the Surf Mom blog-tagged me, which has never happened before! This tag is the challenge to name seven tracks or albums (that's CD's to you young whippersnappers out there) that have been playing in my life recently and then naming seven more victims to carry the torch.

Well, I can do the first part, but I'm not sure I can come up with seven new victims. We'll see how it goes...these are in no particular order, and they are just songs that have been stuck in my head the last few days. The ones I like, I mean. Not stupid songs like Fergalicious.

  1. Boston by Augustana. This is probably because I won tickets to a private show they were having last week, and then couldn't go. Part of the reason I didn't go was because my 13 year old daughter wanted to see them, and the venue was strictly 21 and over. Rats. It might also be here because hubby is making his yearly pilgrimage to the Red Sox' opening day, on Saturday.
  2. California by Phantom Planet. (No, this isn't a theme starting here...) This one shows up because my oldest left for Santa Monica, CA yesterday, with three of his best friends, for Spring Break. Lucky little brat.
  3. Tired of Being Alone by The Reverend Al Green. Isn't it funny how eighteen year olds "discover" old music from time to time, and then are amazed when you tell them you already have CDs by that artist that they can borrow? This song seemed to be on iTunes repeat, drifting out of oldest boy's room for days and days.
  4. Perfect Circle by R.E.M. This song gives me the chills, every time I hear it. I remember walking around Duke campus in the early 80's with my crappy fake walkman, listening to Murmur over and over. Even now when I'm on campus I have R.E.M playing in my head.
  5. What a Wonderful World by Art Garfunkel. Just because it's a pretty song and it's spring.
  6. Breakfast in America by Supertramp. The whole album, not just the song. I started listening to this because of that silly Gym Class Heroes song, and because a Supertramp sample shows up in some rap song my son has been listening to lately. BIA was the soundtrack of my senior year in high school back in Maryland, pretty much. It's still fun to listen to today.
  7. The Running With Scissors soundtrack, especially The Things We Do For Love by 10cc and Teach Your Children by CSN. These songs mostly remind me of junior high. OK so my mind is regressing--what can I say?
Now, as for the seven people. I'm not sure I know seven people who blog! I can come up with my "Twitter buddies" k1vin and J1. Then there are Jarrett, Mike, and Baseball Mom, my "soccer friends." That's five! I might make it after all! Okay, for the last two, how about the Red Sox Chick and Dr. Rost from Question Authority. OK so he's not a friend but I'd like to know what he's been listening to. There ya go, that's seven.

Thanks, Paula, for the tag! That was kinda fun. But don't make a habit of it! :)


Soccer Dad said...

And here I was perfectly happy being a tag virgin!

Oh man... you tag me with music? HAHAHAHA I have four kids - the only music I hear comes off of DVDs with little animated creatures on them.

This should be interesting... After a few drinks!

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Ok sorry I just had to do this... and Dad when I did mine I forgot the "Dora the Explora" theme....

Thanks for playing along Lisa... Next year we burn UNC down... Go Duke

baseballmom said...

Okay, ya go! Visit my blog, and read 'em and weep!

Soccer Dad said...

I'm So Embarrassed!

Soccer Dad goes to hide in shame