Saturday, April 07, 2007

Somebody Help Me Out Here.

When I see my Google ads change (see up top, light blue know, the ones no one ever clicks on), I assume since they are contextually based that whatever I've written or posted in the last couple of weeks is affecting the ads.

PLEASE tell me, why do I keep getting an ad for "The Gay Quiz"? (You may or may not see it above, based on when you're reading this.) Is is because Gabe Kapler is a gay icon? Is it my choice of songs? Is it the Green Parrot blog link? I really don't mind having the ad, I just can't figure out what I wrote recently to make it show up. I guess Google likes it that way.


Soccer Dad said...

A couple things. First, advertisers choose the keywords they want their ads to appear for. So the ad content and site content won't always be the same. For example, if the advertiser for 'The Gay Quiz' chose 'Keller' as a keyword to trigger their ad, it would show on your site, a lot :)

So it all boils down to the keywords the advertiser chose to trigger their ads (and also how much they bid, etc)

Adsense also allows site targeted ads. You can choose to have your ad inserted into the rotations of a specific site, regardless of the context/content. This is a lot less common on low traffic sites. In the reporting, if you select Advanced Reports, then "Show Data By" = Individual Ad and select 'Show Data by targeting type' If you see any impressions for Targeting = 'Site', then someone has targeted an ad to your site.

Lisa said...

Whoo-hoo, there ya go, looks like someone *has* targeted the site. Even though it's pretty low-volume.

Thanks for the tip. My Adsense earnings are so low I barely ever look at my reports. It's more of a game at this point.

Soccer Dad said...

It is funny to see when certain ads pop up. I've had some interesting ads pop up for other sites I'm involved with. I still think the search phrases that bring people in are the most interesting. The things some people search for!