Wednesday, June 28, 2006

15 Beautiful reasons why ladies watch the world cup soccer!

(I got this in my email from a friend today, source unknown. From the spelling and metric measurements I'm guessing it came from the UK.)

It's often called 'the beautiful game' - probably because of the skill and talent involved in its playing.

Even if you don't know a midfielder from a forward, the 2006 World Cup is a unique chance to admire some of the most stunning sportsmen the world has to offer. To facilitate the rigorous and exhausting task of scrutinising the 32 teams taking part, we present the 15 most beautiful
men of the 2006 World Cup.

The sexiest team accolade must go to the searingly intense Italians, who boast four entries on our list. Portugal and England also get an honourable mention for their sexy squad. Sadly, with only five teams in the running, Africa's men didn't quite make the grade.

Let's start with #15:
15. Michael Owen - England
Date of birth: 14 Dec 1979
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Position: Forward
Current Club: Newcastle United (ENG)

Michael Owen was just 18 when he etched his name on to the minds
of football fans around the world with one of the goals of the 1998 FIFA
World Cup. He became an instant global soccer star. At thirty his
wholesome boy next door good looks remain a football fantasy come to life.

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Mary said...

You know he is my man! I think he needs some help with his recovery.