Monday, June 26, 2006

Buff Sweaty Men in Little Shorts

In terms of its appeal to women, soccer not only offers the draw of the kid factor, but the sexiness factor as well. All those shapely legged, attractive international men, showing their prowess on the field for 90 minutes at a time. So can soccer successfully be marketed to American women?


Jacy said...

I really think there is a story in how many women are watching the World Cup, in North America anyway, simply for the eye candy. I mean come on. Hockey, football ... you just can't really see them. Basketball? They're just too tall, and you have to wonder about the size in other areas, something that can be slightly offputting (I have always maintained that there is such a thing as TOO big, despite what a lot of insecure men think).

But soccer? Lean, toned, all different sizes, and you can see all of them, and then, at the end of the game -- THEY TAKE THEIR SHIRTS OFF TO REVEAL UNIFORMLY WAXED CHESTS.

The World Cup is a spectacle created for women and gay men!

Reject the Koolaid said...

Uh, Jacy, I thought you like hairy chests. What's up?