Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bug Guts and Poop, Yummy!

Excerpt from "How to Eat Fewer Insects":

Just about every kid raised in the US in the last thirty years has eaten Nerds. And yet, just look at what's in the list of ingredients: Carmine. Carmine is a pigment produced by cochineal insects, which are ground up and purified to produce the pigment. A less purified form of the pigment, called cochineal extract, is also sometimes found in foods.

Carmine, also called carminic acid, is a powerful red pigment that is found in a wide assortment of places where crushed insects (presumably) do not belong: Yoplait strawberry yogurt, Tropicana grapefruit juice, Campari, maraschino cherries, and it might make you question just why pink lemonade needs to be pink.

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