Friday, September 22, 2006

Why I don't join the PTA

They're just as snotty as some of the school administrators. Example:

A survey handed out to parents of students at Lester elementary in Jackson MS, has sparked some controversy. The letter was written by the P.T. A., designed to encourage their involvement in the school.

At the first parent teacher conference, the P.T.A. handed out the survey, telling parents where they could be used as volunteers. It was the last option on the page that has some up in arms. A line that read, "No, I do not want to get involved. I want my children to be thieves, drug addicts and prostitutes."

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Just Expressing Myself said...

When my daughter was in grade school I tried to do some volunterring. It was like trying to join the top clique in high school. I can sooo relate. I found you on twitter.