Monday, May 07, 2007

The Rest of the Story's why my son woke me up at 2am Saturday morning:

What the story doesn't mention is that the wreck was discovered by four young men driving home from a party. The four young men being my son and his friends. They saw the car in the woods on fire and went down to see if they could find any survivors. The car began to "explode" a bit so they ran back to the street and called 911, and waited for the police and EMS to come. They saw the EMS workers drag the driver from the woods but didn't know if he was alive or dead. One of the boys grew frightened and initially did not want to stay and wait for help to arrive. Ironically, there is now a rumor going around at the high schools that he is the one who pulled the driver from the wreck, which is not true at all.

What the story also doesn't mention is that the driver had just gotten the car he wrecked as an early graduation gift, and that he was supposed to attend prom on Saturday night. I heard his date did not even know about the wreck until 6pm Saturday, after she was already dressed and ready to go (she ended up going with friends).

Needless to say, my son gave me quite a "heart attack" by waking me up with "if the police call..." and "there's been a car crash," and while I obviously feel very fortunate that he wasn't in the crash, I can't imagine what the poor driver's parents are going through right now. I hope he makes it.

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