Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Holiday Confession

Okay, since Google won't stop with the Christmas ads (and what the heck is up with all the bumper sticker stuff, anyway?) it's time for me to come clean. Today is January 10 and I still have the Christmas tree up in my living room, lights and all. I probably won't take it down until this weekend.

Before anyone tells me what a fire hazard that is, the tree is still not dried out which is amazing to me because most of the trees we have gotten in the recent past have started barfing up needles the minute we got them home and untied them. This one has not lost practically any needles so far.

I don't usually get any presents for Christmas (which I'm fine with) but I love me some Christmas tree. I'll miss it when it's gone! It's definitely my favorite part of the season, even if my kids did break my favorite hand-blown glass ornament last year and then try to hide the box so I wouldn't notice...

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