Sunday, January 28, 2007

Results from Fayetteville, NC

Weekend #1 of the 2007 Triangle FC Friendlies held in beautiful Fayetteville, NC:

93 Triangle FC Navy girls 1
93 PA Classics 1
Very sloppy game, you could tell the girls were rusty and confused by a new formation. We have a new player but she seems to fit in pretty well already.

93 Triangle FC Navy girls 2
93 Bridge FC (SC) 7
Even more sloppy--the score doesn't reflect the abilities of the two teams whatsoever. Bridge was good but not 7 goals good. TFC had no defense (duh). The only highlight of the game was cupcakes for ED's birthday after the final whistle!

93 Triangle FC Navy girls 6 (I think)
93 VA Legacy 0
The girls recovered after yesterday's butt-whoopin'. Mine struck a beautiful goal off an attempted cross, which naturally I missed because I was down at the concession stand getting more (sketchy) coffee. She seems to think it was only a goal because the other team's goalie was so inept. Her coach and the CR said otherwise.

Stay tuned for Weekend #2 next week, when the oldest's team plays and I get to be a club volunteer, all day, both days. The girlie gets a weekend off, and then both kids are back in action for Weekend #3.

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