Sunday, January 07, 2007

Playtex Sports Tampon Update!

(I know y'all were waiting for this. )
So... I got my free sample in the mail yesterday. Decent sized box, about 4 x 6. Open it up, there's another box inside. Open that one up, there's a flap with a $1.00 coupon and three tampons wrapped in light green plastic. So, what's so weird about that, you say?

Nothing...except the wrappers HAVE MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGES ON THEM:
  • Ready to take on the world!
  • Pursue your dreams...without fear.
  • Shake it up 'cause I'm dependable. (???)
  • Never give up!
  • Keep going you super-fabulous chick!
That last one disturbs me a bit more than the others, because it's just so darn cheesy. The whole concept weirds me out, to tell you the truth.

I amuse myself by thinking that someone, somewhere, has this job description: "Inspirational message-writer for tampon wrappers." Wonder how much that pays?

OK, anyone have any suggestions for phrases we can send in to Playtex? 'Cause obviously they need a little help in the creativity department.

1 comment:

Soccer Dad said...

That's. Just. WRONG

I mean the cheesy phrases on the Taco Bell packets were bad enough, but this is, um. well.

You know there's some things a guy really doesn't need to know about and motivational slogans on tampon wrappers is probably one of them :)