Sunday, October 15, 2006

Google Ads Weirdness Again.

How on earth does anything I've written/posted here lately make an ad for "Jesus Camp" show up on my blog?? I can't even click on it myself to see what "Jesus Camp" is...I think I miss the "cat urine" ads now. Or the the ones for Greatful Dead tshirts.

As soon as I have the time (I have to do both my mom's and my family's taxes today, because I'm the worst procrastinator, ever) I'm writing a really long, really bizarre post with as many obscure words in it as possible, words like eggplant, primatene mist, or schizothemia (which I think I am suffering from) just to see what the Google gods will pull out and stick in my ads.

In the meantime somebody find out what "Jesus Camp" is all about and get back to me.

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Soccer Dad said...

Jesus Camp is a new documentary about many evangelicals sending their kids to 'Jesus Camp' to become soldiers in God's army. No joke. They made a fairly big ad buy on a number of political blogs a few weeks back and it got a lot of attention. The camp they were filming was like a Billy Graham revival for kids but with a more militaristic tone. Check a Google Blog Search for lots of posts about it.

As for Google Weirdness, I find the search terms that will refer someone to you fun to watch as well. On another site I run (a top ten list type site) we noticed we were getting a bizarre number of hits from people searching for ... wait for it ... Elf Porn. WTF? Sure enough deep down in some list with like 200+ items, someone had put in Elf Porn and google picked right up on it. Freaky.