Thursday, October 19, 2006

How to Mow Your Lawn So it Looks Like a Soccer Field

Courtesy of SCAG (!?) Power Equipment:

The "stripes" that you see on a lawn or athletic field are caused by light reflecting off the blades of grass. It has not been cut at a different height nor is it a different breed of grass. The "stripes" are made by bending the blades of grass in different directions.

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Now if I could only actually GROW some grass on my lawn, I'd be set.


Jarrett said...

And here's a further tip for you. My five year old became obsessed with putting lines on our lawn so he could "play" soccer in the yard. It turns out that all-purpose flour is a perfect substitute for chalk if you need to line your lawn to look like a soccer pitch.

Soccer Dad said...

I gave up trying to grow grass in NC. It's impossible if you don't have sprinklers. I seed every year, it looks great in late fall and early spring then dies and turns into the wild west of weed by June. I think Scott's is just scamming people who THINK it's worth the hundreds of dollars a year.